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Where can I download the Childcare Saver app?
The Childcare Saver app is available for both Apple and Google devices, simply search 'Childcare Saver' on your preferred app store.
What versions of the iOS and Android operating system does Childcare Saver support?
The last two major operating systems are supported. Childcare Saver cannot guarantee complete working functionality for any versions prior the last two major versions.
Can I log in to my Childcare Saver account on a website?
At this stage Childcare Saver is a mobile application only. We will continue to monitor the demand for a self service website.
How do I get support if I have questions or need help?
Please use the Contact Us form to contact our support team


How do I know if I qualify for Childcare Saver?

Childcare Saver is a benefit to all G8 Education centre families. To find a centre near you, go to our participating centres page.

You must also have an active booking at the participating centre within the next 8 weeks, be registered at your centre as the primary carer, and have a valid email address and mobile phone number.

What happens if I am no longer eligible for Childcare Saver?
Childcare Saver will send you a push notification and an email if you become ineligible as a result of your child graduating or there has been no bookings for a consecutive 8 week period. Your account will be restricted for a further 28 days to allow you the opportunity to cash out any accrued rewards that you have earned. If after this time your rewards have not been cashed out, the rewards are forfeited and will be allocated to your Centre

Impact on Childcare Subsidy

How does the Childcare Saver impact my childcare subsidy?

There is no impact to the calculation of your childcare subsidy by using Childcare Saver

Can I participate in Childcare Saver if I have flexible bookings?

Yes, provided you have a booking within the next 8 weeks you qualify to register for Childcare Saver and receive the same benefits as you would for a regular booking pattern

Is there any impact to my public holiday bookings?

There is no impact to your public holiday bookings

Does Childcare Saver impact any holiday discounts?

Accrued rewards have no impact to any holiday discounts that may be offered by the participating centres

Contacting Childcare Saver

Who can I contact if I have any questions about Childcare Saver?
You can contact Childcare Saver by using the Contact Us form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


How long does it take for my rewards to change from pending to approved?
This can vary depending on the retailers return policy. In most cases, payment will move to an approved status and be available to withdraw to your nominated bank account 30 days after date of purchase
What happens if I have provided the wrong bank account details and the payment to me has been reversed?
We will be notified of the reversal of the bank transfer. You will see this displayed in your transactions within the Childcare Saver app
What happens to rewards that I have earned if my child has graduated or is no longer enrolled at a participating centre?

If you have a bank account registered to your Childcare Saver account we will automatically request a withdraw to your nominated bank account when the status of all pending transactions transition to approved status.

If you do not have a bank account registered to your Childcare Saver account, we will notify you via email to register a bank account. If pending transactions have transitioned to approved and no bank account has been registered, those rewards will be forfeited and donated to your participating centre.

What does each payment status mean?

There are the two potential statuses that you may encounter when accruing rewards.

Approved - these are cleared rewards from the retailer and available for withdraw to your nominated bank account.

Pending - these rewards have not yet cleared from the retailer. Pending rewards normally occur where your purchase has not yet been paid in full (i.e., layby, deposit on airline flights) or has not passed the retailers return policy timeframes


Will new retailers be added?

We are in regular discussions with new retailers to add them to the program, offering you more choice for shopping and more opportunities to receive rewards. If you have any recommendations of retailers or if you are a retailer yourself and would like to participate, please get in touch with the Contact Us form.

Is there any limit to how much I can shop?

There is no limit to how much you can shop. The more you shop using the app to access retailers, the more rewards you earn. Check the app regularly for current special offers.

How much can I save by using Childcare Saver?

Use our savings calculator to understand how Childcare Saver can save you money from your everyday purchases to offset the cost of your childcare fees.

Do the rewards I accrue expire?

Rewards earned do not expire and are active for as long as your account is active. The time for rewards to transition from pending to approved varies between retailers and in some instances is linked to their returns policy timeframes. Once your rewards are listed as approved, they can be withdrawn to your nominated bank account.

How soon will my earned rewards show in my Childcare Saver app?

Rewards that you are eligible for will be displayed as pending immediately upon checkout. Once the retailer's return policy timeframe has expired, rewards will transition to approved, allowing you to checkout available balances over $10.00 to your nominated bank account.

How do I know the balance of my earned rewards?

Log in to the Childcare Saver app and on your dashboard you will see your reward balance.

Can I transfer my reward balance to a friend or other carers who have children with a participating centre?

Balance transfers are not available. You can invite secondary members to the program which will allow them to contribute to your balance by making purchases by checking out through the Childcare Saver app.

understanding childcare saver

Why is your centre offering this incentive?
Your centre is partnering with some of Australia's largest retailers to collectively reduce the cost of childcare fees for participating childcare centres
How do I use Childcare Saver?
Download the Childcare Saver app from either the iOS or Play Stores, check to see if you have a child enrolled in one of the participating centres, sign up with your enrolment information and start earning rewards, which you could use to offset your childcare costs instantly.
How often do I receive my cashback on earned rewards?
You can request to withdraw funds from your Childcare Saver account to your bank account as often as you would like, provided you have met the minimum transfer amount of $10.00.
Are there any fees or charges?
There are no hidden fees or charges. Participating in Childcare Saver is absolutely free to families of participating centres.
Can I refer a friend or family to use the program to increase the rewards I receive?
Yes! There is no limit to the number of friends and family members that you would like to link to your account so they can benefit from our retailer offers. Any rewards earned by secondary members will be allocated to your account balance. The more members you have linked and the more they shop, the more rewards you will earn.
How do I know if I am the primary carer?
The primary carer is defined at the time of your child's enrolment at the participating  centre. Only the primary carer can create a Childcare Saver account and refer friends and family. To find out if you're the primary carer, please contact your centre where your child is enrolled. If the primary carer status changes at your centre, they will have 28 days to withdraw their balance or the balance will be redirected to the  centre. The new primary carer can then register for Childcare Saver and start to be rewarded.
I'm registered for other loyalty programs. Will this impact my other loyalty programs?
No. Childcare Saver is independent from any other loyalty program in Australia. If you are associated with another loyalty program, you will be able to continue to use both loyalty offerings concurrently.
Is Childcare Saver available to anyone?

Childcare Saver is currently only available at G8 Education centres and you must be the primary carer. If you are unsure if you are the primary carer, please contact your centre.

What happens to rewards that I have accrued if the centre my child attends is no longer open?
Your centre will advise you in advance of pending closure. Rewards will continue to accrue and be paid out whilst you are a member of one of our participating centres. If you are no longer a member of a participating centre, when all pending transactions transition to approved status, payment will be made automatically to your nominated bank account.
I'm concerned about providing my personal information. How secure is Childcare Saver?

Childcare Saver is ISO27001 certified so you can be sure that your information is secure both in storage and transmission. Your personal and bank account information is not accessible by anyone because it is encrypted behind a firewall and all data is stored on Australian servers. 

What if I am a secondary member and no longer want to contribute to the primary member’s account?
You can delete your account from the Settings page and will have your details no longer associated to the Primary Member account. If you're encountering issues with deleting your account, please use the Contact Us form to contact Childcare Saver.
If I have been referred by a primary member, am I eligible to receive payment from rewards that I have earned?
No, any rewards received from a referral by a primary member are applied to the primary member account only.
I have made a purchase but why is my purchase not showing in my transactions?
It can take up to seven days for the transaction information to be received by the retailer where you made your purchase. If after seven days the transaction is not appearing in your account, please use the Contact Us form for Childcare Saver to investigate further. Our goal is to ensure that all rewards are displayed and made available to you as soon as possible

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